Teluk Hijau (Green Bay)

Teluk Hijau (Green Bay)

Teluk hijau (green bay)
the city of Banyuwangi towards south through Kabat, Rogojampi, Srono, Cluring, until arriving at the intersection of four Jajag village, then turn left. Then the rider arrives at an intersection of four.
 Beach tourism is also a mainstay for the city which has another name of this Blambangan. Destinations which became one of the mainstays of this time is the Green Bay / Green Bay. In addition to the sea-green water, white sand is also clean.

     Green Bay beach is about 90 km from Banyuwangi city center towards the south, the village Sarongan, District Pesanggaran. Along the way to get to this place, you will be treated by soothing views of the eye. Nan river clean with tree - green and shady trees around it, as well as rice fields and green hills. After passing the coast and passes through the housing Tsunami.Tibalah Rajegwesi region located in the vehicle parking bay area green. From here travelers have to choose whether to use the land or the sea route. Each route has its own challenges and beauty that will not be forgotten.

     When choosing a route by land, you must go into areas that were previously peaceful bay you have to pay the entrance fee in advance at a checkpoint in the area of ​​the river ox. From here you have to walk down the hill past the track as far as 1 km. This region of tropical forest menyeliputi provide coolness along the journey. After 30 minutes to 1 hour overland journey, you will arrive at the beach Stone / Stone Beach. Waves that break up the rocks along the coast of Stone Beach combined air tropical forests, will be the first scenery before reaching the beautiful paradise that the hidden behind the hill. Distance from the beach stone green bay just 300 meters away, you can just rock along the coast you will arrive at the hidden beautiful paradise. Uniquely from the Gulf Coast Green is to have 2 different coastal beach with white sand is clean and neat rocky coast by nature limited only small hills.

     If you choose the second path, the path of the sea you will feel a different challenge. For this route you should stop at the beach Rajegwesi By renting a boat of fishermen. in addition to the travel time is relatively shorter. Simply by paying 35,000 for a single person you will be presented with a view that is no less interesting. Surf bays and meeting the high seas of the Indian Ocean currents made the trip so thrilling at once admirable. Throughout the fishing boat trip will take you to see the line of hills - the beautiful hills and rocks which lie along the way, it takes 20 minutes to reach the sea journey and arrived at the green bay green bay. No wonder called green bay because seawater really beautiful green. Green color arising from the bottom shallow waters contained algae. Clean white sand with the grain rather large and charming scenery along the beach will spoil our eyes.
 Motorists can take the left oblique direction through the village of Desa Seneporejo Sambirejo and then break Kesilir Market. Or take a straight line (through the village of Gambiran, Gambiran-Bangorejo bridge, then turn left towards Pedotan past the Tugu Tani Gunungsari and Monuments P.

 Kusno, then arrived at the intersection of four and turn right to arrive at the intersection Pedotan. After that riders can choose taking direction left past Buk White until arriving at the intersection of four Siliragung, or take direction continues past Sukorejo and Village Kesilir and arrived at the intersection of four Siliragung. From the intersection Siliragung rider can take oblique direction left meewati Head Office Siliragung, police Siliragung, then arrive at the intersection four and turn right past the bridge Kalibaru and arrive at the intersection of four Market studio, or take a straight line past the Bridge Siliragung-Sumbermulyo and Ahmad Kusnan  street and arrive at the intersection of four Market studio. If the driver of the intersection of four Siliragung take a straight direction, arriving at the

Crossroads Turtle can immediately turn right without passing through the Market Studio, through this path will meet at a single point (the village office Sumbermulyo) with riders from the studio market. Office Sumbermulyo village turn left towards the village of Sumberagung.

 Once the riders arrive at the Crossroads Pancer, take a straight line passes through Mount Gamping and Plantation Sungailembu. From here the road conditions are still good to arrive at the tomb before Sungailembu where riders turn left at the Crossroads Factory. From the tomb of a straight road until arriving at the Crossroads Kandangan. From there, riders can take a left past the residential area in the village and wooden bridge Kandangan Kandangan-Sarongan or take a straight line passing through Cambodgien Sumberbopong Sungailembu and Plantation Sumberjambe. Both of these paths will lead to Terminal / Market Sarongan. Market riders heading south past the Pentecostal Church, Village Office Sarongan, Magnitude Hamlet, Hamlet and Hamlet Bayuran Rajegwesi and arrived at the checkpoint and ticket. Of postal rider can take a left oblique direction (pass Rajegwesi Beach and turn right) or take a straight direction (past the Tsunami Housing) to arrive at the parking area of ​​the vehicle which is located in the Gulf region of Peace. From here the journey continues on foot climbing lane along 1 km on a small hill in arriving at Batu. Beach Stones, Green Bay is only about 300 meters. The total journey is about 91 km.


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