Currently, in addition to the tourist attractions Ijen crater, with a blue flame that is already well known throughout many countries, there is also a place called crater Bulan Sabit (crescent moon) .In northeast crater of Ijen, there is a towering cliff commonly called Mount Merapi. At the peak of the mountain there is exactly the crater with a land in the middle, which formed like a crescent moon.

Maybe someday, this crater will also be desnitasi climbing tour in Banyuwangi region are crowded in the visit. From the top of Merapi, we will find a very nice spot for a panoramic view of the crater from another angle, stout Mount roar, and the city of Banyuwangi.

On a trip to the summit there are spots that are very amazing, which is where it can see the other side of the beauty of Ijen crater, stout mountain roared and so forth. Not only limited to the district banyuwangi beauty that can be seen from an altitude of 2800m, the beauty of the island of Bali can also be enjoyed from the summit of the volcano, which can be also called wind door.

· Weakness

Weakness in the attractions of the volcano, or can be called craters crescent, located on the access path to the location of the summit. Hiking trail that is not Visible, and almost 80% covered by bushes. in addition, the hiking trail crater crescent moon is never open to the public, due to the track and the track is not clear, very steep and prone to landslides. Route to the crater crescent very rarely traversed people, even locals. In addition to the difficult route to reach the top, the information is also very influential factor in tourism development plan, which includes information about attractions crater crescent is very limited.

The rule, to get to here we required a permit from the Department of Perhutani as manager of the Nature Reserve. Path to get to here was not easy given the lack of clear access. There are two "routes" to go into here, the first of the Post Paltuding, Banyuwangi, which takes six days. While only one lane is quite taken within 4 hours of the crater lip, the location of the famous Blue Fire.

As a normal human being, we chose the second route.

These are very rarely passed this one person, even the locals. Therefore, we are forced to 'open' the path to the old path that has been sealed by the plant. 'Entrance' of the track was not clear. We just wondered access to the top of the mountain slopes are gentle enough possibilities to pass. After several attempts, finally getting access 'seems' drivable.

along the path to the top of many wild berries grow. Not bad for filling a hungry stomach while at rest. The peak of Mount Merapi with unique crater is indeed captivating, but it looks like the way there just once for me. Once enough to break through the thick vegetation and just once play cat and mouse with rangers Nature Reserves


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